Free Language Training for Immigrants in OntarioThe recent news is that Ontario is spending a whooping $60 million dollars in providing language courses for all immigrants, regardless of the time already spent in the province. There are 4,000 different courses available in 325 different locations across the province. Over 70,000 immigrants each year take part in the courses offered by Ontario’s Adult Non-Credit Language Training Program. More than 2,000 Syrians have enrolled in the courses in this year ending August.

All the immigrants are assessed in beginning so that the right course could be decided for them. Laura Albanese, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration quoted “Strong language skills help immigrants succeed”. English and French are considered as second language courses in Ontario to all immigrants and aims to help the immigrants reach their full potential and get quality jobs, pursue their careers and also get higher education.

Meanwhile, Ontario also declared $3.35 million investment in its Bridge Training Program for newcomers, aimed to guide them through the employment market. There are reports of immigrants doing lower paid fill-in jobs in Canada for months and also years, which Ontario Bridge Training Program wants to eradicate by bringing together immigrants and employers so that the qualifications and transferable skills are highlighted.

The Ontario Bridge Training Program aims for the following

  • To improve the access to job finding services like, career mentoring, employment events, language skill training and a micro loan program.
  • Help the employers in recruiting, hiring and retaining internationally talented immigrants with online activities.
  • Help identify the newcomer’s transferable skills and alternate career options using services like mentoring events and promoting entrepreneurship.

With the help of Express Entry system, one can convert their foreign obtained qualifications to an Educational Credential Assessment, which then calculates the qualification in Canadian terms. It is envisaged that this initiative taken by the Ontario province to recognize the hidden immigrant talents could provide them better career opportunities.

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