Francophone Immigration Week Brings French Diversity in Canada

Francophone Immigration Week Brings French Diversity in CanadaCanada had celebrated the Francophone Immigration Week till 5th November, 2016 which was started from 31st October, 2016. This 4 year old celebration was started by Francophone Immigration network, federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities of Canada. This program upholds the theme to ‘build community through diversity’ and has presented programs like cultural events, community feast, sports, career oriented workshops and other events to the limelight.

The main motive behind this celebration is to display the versatility of this community and to attract more Francophone newcomers. This is also a step towards strengthening of bond between Canadian Communities and Francophone Communities. Mr. John McCallum, Immigration Minister of Canada also gave green signal to the event. He pondered upon the importance of francophone community in Canada and also highlighted to invite more of such immigrants in Canada.

According to Mr. McCallum there have been various steps taken to promote the feeling of equality in Francophone community in Canada. The minority francophone communities are being promoted to the French speaking nationals, Provincial Nominee Program, offering the services related to francophone to the French speaking people are some of the examples of such efforts made by govt. of Canada.

Apart from these programs, the efforts can also be seen in the jobs provided in Canada. Employers are promoting the francophone nationals to the permanent job position in order to make them economically strong and contribute more the development of the country.

If new laws are to be checked out then it will be seen that modifications in the Labour Market Impact Assessment Exemption will bring new opportunities in the same stream. It will allow the francophone minorities to get hired on the high skilled positions in the companies on a temporary basis. More efforts are promised to be made in this direction. Canadian government had also promised to absorb more French speakers into Canada earlier this year.

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