‘Four-in’, ‘Four-out’ Rule Removed by Canadian Government

‘Four-in’, ‘Four-out’ Rule Removed by Canadian Government In a historic decision, the government of Canada has decided to remove the rule of four-in, four-out rule in order to aid the foreign workers in Canada. This decision was made effective immediately according to which the policy of limitation of working for only four years by foreign workers has been abolished. The ‘Four-in’, ’Four-out’ rule was set up in April, 2011 according to which once a duration of four years  is completed for foreign workers, then certain candidates are not allowed to apply for another four years to live and work in Canada. To aid the labor market requirements in Canada, Temporary Foreign Worker Program was launched. This program allows the industries and companies to pick the right candidates from across the globe to fill the positions in which native talent is not available. For a candidate to start working through TFWP, he/she must have a temporary work permit which should be supported by Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). There are certain individuals like workers in occupations like managing and professional departments, candidates employed in Canada through International agreements like Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program or NAFTA, and workers who were exempt from LMIA for some reasons are already exempted from the four-in, four-out rule. According to John McCallum, Immigration Minister of Canada, this abolishment would help in removing the extra burden from applicants as well as the processing officers. It is a first step to bring suitable changes in the TFWP to aid the foreign workers as much as possible. On further he added that these are just the initial steps and more defined policies will soon be implemented. More opportunities will be open for young people, people having disabilities, newcomers in Canada and other indigenous people. The percentage of low wage workers to be employed will be 20% for employers using TFWP before June 20, 2014 and 10% for employers using TFWP after this.

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