Canada to process family reunification applications within 12 months

Federal Government To Process Family Reunification Applications Within Twelve MonthsThe main reason for government to have piled up applications is mostly due to the time taken to process an application, which takes up an enormous amount of time. Processing being the first step needs to be cleared in order to proceed with the steps ahead. To tackle this serious problem, IRCC has decided to effectively reduce the processing time for the family reunification applications. The Canadian Federal Government introduced a new 12 months processing time for the new family reunification immigration applications. The processing time has been decreased by 15 percent for the applications within Canada and 10 percent for the applications coming from abroad. The immigration department promised to process the pending applications in a year, although if the cases are very complex, they might take a bit longer. Effective measures have been introduced to reduce the processing time greatly. Spouses, partners and dependants will have increased allocation, and the target is to increase the allocation numbers from an average of 47,000 in the previous ten years to about 64,000 allocations in 2017. To increase the processing and to deal with backlogs, the funding is increased. IRCC received about $25 million by the government to help with the backlog issues. The process for applying is set to be simplified greatly with more easy-to-understand applications for aspiring immigrants. Instead of showing the documents in stages, all documents will be given beforehand. Incomplete applications or applications without the necessary documents will be sent back. The processing time has been reduced to 12 months. Moreover, IRCC also made sure that all the applications within the system will be cleared in the time span of 12 months. The new applications will be processed within 12 months from the day they will be received. Also, there are 20 percent cases, which are very complex and shall take time to be processed. It is expected that this move will help the tech sector to grow beyond leaps and bounds.

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