Fast – Track Visa for Tech Based Talent in Canada

Fast - Track Visa for Tech Based Talent in CanadaThe Government of Canada made the announcement in public that it will be easier to bring skilled talent in country in the coming days. It would prove to be a matter of benefit for the business in the technology sector. Bill Morneau, The Finance Minister of Canada made the plan clear that now it will be simpler for the growing and big firms to bring in tech based workers from abroad to the country. Big Canadian technology companies like Shopify and Hootsuite were the first ones to praise this step as they were disappointed with the old system. This new plan will minimize the process period to two weeks which was six months in the earlier system.

This plan will also create a 30 day work permit which can be extended to one year. This will reduce the time for new paperwork. It is a matter of fact that most of these proceedings will be taken care under the guidance of Immigration Minister, John McCallum.

Labour Market Impact Assessment will look upon the requirement being fulfilled by Canadian only. New rules will be helping the multinationals in Canada to bring in highly skilled foreign workers to boost the economy of the nation. The President and CEO of Entertainment Software Association of Canada wrote a blog about the same for the Huffington Post recently where he supported this decision.

The biggest clothing company of Canada, Lululemon also made it clear to leave Canada if the immigration process is not fixed early as they are facing acute shortage of employees. The new visa policy will be able to cop up with the predictions of a shortage of 200,000 workers in 2020 as stated by ICTC. As per the new plan, nearly 12,000 more technically sound migrants will be welcomed to the country. However, McCallum proposed the same number of immigrants in 2017 as in 2016 which are 300,000.

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