Fast-Track Visa See Canada Attract 24,000 Workers in Two Years

Fast-Track Visa See Canada Attract 24,000 Workers in Two Years

Canada's fast-track visa, which significantly speeds up hiring of foreign talent in the country, coupled with Trump's restrictive immigration policies, is causing a massive shift in the number of skilled workers, including tech workers in their thousands, entering Canada each year. 

On Wednesday 12 June, the government of Canada released statistics that showed entry of almost 24,000 people into Canada under the Global Skills Strategy, which was launched two years ago.  

Global Skills Strategy, a fast-track visa program, allows top international talents, e.g., tech workers to get a temporary work permit in just two weeks. Under this program, permit exemptions are offered to researchers and managers over shorter-term periods.

Canada Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said Global Skills Strategy, a section of the broader strategy to drive growth in Canada by bringing in more foreign workers, has delivered tremendous success and has made Canadian tech companies stronger. Managers hail the program which has transformed the way they make business decisions given the ease and speed of getting needed talents, he said.

Tech Workers Leaving the US

Canada's impressive innovations and flexibilities concerning immigration are in contrast to US restrictive policies. Since president Trump came into office, the US has seen an aggressive crackdown on immigration. Tougher visa restrictions are imposed on foreign workers, leading to a massive exodus from the country. 

Hussen noted that at least a quarter of the 24,000 workers that are received are workers who left the US because of the tougher restrictions. 

Indians are the most significant applicants, and top beneficiaries of the program so far are university professors, software engineers as well as Computer and media programmers, the minister said.

Nearly 16,000 family members, potential students, and workers, entered Canada with the 24,000 people.

Canada continues to deliver massive results on its economic goal by strengthening its immigration.

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