Aussie food chains cannot hire foreign workers on 457 visas

Posted on: 29 Mar 2017  |   Tags: ,

visa 457 In the latest announcement, Peter Dutton - the immigration and border protection minister of Australia said that the Australian government is planning to introduce some change in visa regulations in order to give more priority to the country workers. He also mentioned that after the termination of the labor agreement, any food outlets like Hungry Jack, KFC and McDonald will not be permitted to employ foreign workers on 457 visas. Mr. Dutton also added that this decision will end the fast food industry labor agreement which was introduced in 2012 by the government of Mr. Gillard. Dutton mentioned that it is necessary as the Australian government headed by Mr. Turnbull has decided to make sure that easy pathways are available for the younger generation of Australians. According to the announcement, almost 1000 foreign workers have to leave Australia after the expiry of their 457 visas, otherwise, they have to apply for a new visa. Continuing to his statement, Mr. Dutton also added that food outlets will still be allowed to bring foreign workers in some special circumstances and needs because in some cases foreign workers have a great contribution towards the economic growth of the country. Dr. Christopher Wright, a professor at the Sydney Business School of University welcomes the decision, saying that the previous labor agreement was an abuse for the native worker chain. He also added that 457 visa scheme was introduced in 2012 to cover the skill gap of workers for some particular jobs where qualified workers were needed, but fast food sector companies are misusing the scheme by bringing foreign workers almost for every type of jobs, while they should look for local workers with soft interpersonal skills. Recently the total number of issued applications for 457 visas has fallen more than 20000 according to the latest financial year record. 457 visa scheme actually offers a 4-year business visa to a foreign worker to wants to live and find a job in the Australia and also to bring family members. This scheme has also a restriction as the foreign worker should be employed by an employer which holds an ABN. 457 visas were introduced initially due to lack of Australian workers in some skilled jobs, but politics have made the scheme to go in some other way resulting in a broad list of foreign workers. According to the latest financial year record, the group for which 457 visas were allowed in maximum cases was the cook and as per today, almost 1 million people are living in the Australia by having a 457 visa.                                

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