European Immigrants Pinch British Taxpayer


According to Britain’s immigration news, an analysis shows immigrants to Britain approximately £3 million per day to the taxpayer in 2015.

MigrationWatch UK campaigns for strict control at the border, as recent arrivals and those living in Britain, cost £1.2 billion last year. This amount was calculated by deducting various benefits, public services that are utilized by migrants from the amount that they contribute via tax to the Exchequer.

Another new research stated that the east European countries immigrants from who had arrived in Britain over the last fifteen years had been “cost neutral”.

EU migration is not a positive fiscal contribution

In the last 15 years, MigrationWatch’s calculations state, those that arrived in Britain contributed to the economy as they claimed an equal amount of public services and welfare payments, according to the immigration news.

In 2014-15, the east European migrants cost £2.8 billion to the Exchequer, however; the deficit was fulfilled by a £2.8 billion surplus that was generated by migrants from European countries like France and Spain.

Immigrants are rather increasing pressure.

EU migration is not a positive contribution and is instead increasing pressure on housing, healthcare, public services etc. According to the immigration news, the major contribution of immigrants is the population increase, the size of a city like Liverpool, which is half a million each year.

The study analyzed all types of immigration across the globe. The analysis includes arrivals from the post-war situation from the Commonwealth countries.

The European-based migration was less compared to the cost to the Exchequer.

Immigrants from all over the globe cost Britain’s Exchequer £17 billion which is £46.5 million a day last year. This cost reflects another fact that the migrants largely pensioners who arrived in the 1960’s are bigger health care cost.

MigrationWatch states that the research was similar to the one conducted in 2014. Immigration from Europe gave an overall boost of a £4.4 billion to the economy between 1995 and 2011.

Decline in the fiscal contributions from Europe

According to the immigration news, there has been a decline in the last three years during the period between 1995 and 2011, said MigrationWatch. The analysis concluded that there was a consistent decline, which calculated to £1.2 billion cost during the period from April 2014 to March 2015.

The report continues to mention the findings that substantial net contributions have been made by the recent immigrants to the public finances. This was the result of the strong economic growth prior to the recession in the UK in 2008 and that UK has not yet recovered.

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