Europe can absorb a million migrants a year

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Europe can absorb a million migrants a year

With as little as 500 million inhabitants, the highest valued currency and being the richest continent on the planet, Europe has the maximum capacity for taking in immigrants. After the Brexit poll, it has been difficult getting in immigrants through England. Europe can easily absorb a million immigrants a year, says Reuters. Sweden is punching above its own weight on immigration issues in the EU because it has been more historically liberal and has accepted more troubled immigrants than any other country while having a population of 10 million.

European states are fighting over the imposition of quotas saying that they are not able to handle such a large amount of refugees, which resulted in German chancellor Angela Merkel being kept under fire at home for announcing her open door policy.

Last year, 1.3 million migrants landed on Europe’s shores. They were from countries like Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. There were bitter rows between member states on how to handle this responsibility.

A quota system was decided upon, and every nation agreed to take a limited amount of immigrants based on the need and the capacity of the quota. This, if worked upon as agreed, would’ve made the system more efficient and given better scope to asylum rules which a lot of countries needed.

However, the EU did not go ahead with this and a lot of refugees were still left on borders. Asylum rules were made stricter and border control measures were more stringent.

Sweden, however, managed to take in 163,000 refugees in 2015 but this year, due to stricter rules, the number might fall to 35,000. Hungary’s ambassador was summoned last week to protest against the unwillingness of the EU to take in more refugees. These refugees had registered themselves before travelling to Europe and should’ve been allowed to enter under Dublin’s EU policy.

Sweden also helped with the Afghanistan situation and took in rejected Afghan refugees.

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