Employment Based Visas in the United States The United States green card is a lawful permanent residential status in the US and allows any employer to work permanently. Giving access to the federal benefits, one in possession of a US green card can also apply for US citizenship later in time. The news is out that the US employment-based green cards are easier to apply for than before. As of October 1, the US Department of States will start processing the EB-1 visas for the immigrants regardless of the birth country.

The EB-1 visa can be applied by multinational managers and executives, foreign nationals of extraordinary ability, and outstanding professors and researchers. However, the request for EB-1 visa from immigrants of Mainland China and India are backlogged. Likewise, EB-2 visas are also backlogged for the immigrants from India and China. The EB-2 visa category includes professionals and foreign nationals.

Foreign-born skilled workers and professionals fall into the category of EB-3 visa appliers. There is restricted a number of green cards available for the EB-3 visa while the backlog is just till June 1, 2016. However, the process takes around 4 months to issue labor certificate to employ a foreign national, which is a requirement for EB-3 visa and also EB-2.

In the EB-5 category, only the investors from China, who are willing to invest in projects from regional centers, are excluded. However, those investors from China who wishes to invest in non-regional centers are welcomed, who have an I-526 immigrant petition with receipt dates on or before February 22, 2014.

The individuals who will be most benefitted are the immigrants from China and India who have to wait the longest. However, the dates for EB-1 and EB-5 are most likely to show the movement most. If the time expands more, these immigrants who apply have to wait much longer than expected. But the dates are not yet confirmed for the same.

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