Education in Australia

Education in AustraliaAustralia is transpiring as not only an exotic tourist spot but also as an international educational hub. There are more than half million students from around 200 countries pouring into Australia with dreams and hopes. To pursue education in Australia, one must be aware of the following facts.

  • The visa applications of the immigrant students will be in digital mode through an immigrant account. The subclass 500 visas are given to students of all streams.
  • There are certain qualifications to be met to pursue academic education in Australia. It is essential to assure his or her English proficiency. This can be done by progressing through Internationally accepted English tests like TOEFL, IELTS, IBT and so on.
  • They also require to provide documents that assure their financial stability to afford for studies and accommodation for 12 months in the country. These documents should be asserted by their respective department of trade or foreign affairs.
  • Medical assurance is also expected from the immigrant students. An overseas health cover of 437 Australian dollars is to be acquired by the student.
  • A clear criminal track record of the student is expected from the Australian government. A certificate from the Police department to assure the same may also be required.
One of the perks of studying in Australia includes the scholarships offered by the Australian department of education and foreign affairs to the students from the Middle-East, Asia and Africa. Whereas, the scholarship framed for post-graduate research can be availed by students of any nationality. The expenses for the academic education may vary from course to course. It can vary between 14000 Australian dollars to 20000 Australian dollars for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. The expenditure on basic needs and necessities can range upto 300 Australian dollars per week. The recognition, world-class quality and ambiance makes Australia, a preferable destination to study in. Once the above requirements are met, one can enjoy all the benefits of studying in Australia.

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