Students can now Apply for Admission in Europe through Apps

Students can now Apply for Admission in Europe through AppsMany feel that mobile apps are an extension of themselves, as they are used in a slew of applications ranging from chatting with your friends, performing monetary transactions to keep yourselves updated of the latest happenings. Now, students who are interested in getting a Goziex Tech (Nigeria-based company), released new apps on October, 31 in Europe. The app is named as ‘The study in Europe BETA app’ and ‘the study in Budapest mobile app’. If reports are to be believed then these are the first apps released in the context of admission in the university. This app would prove to be beneficial for the students who are looking for institutes and courses in Europe. Not to mention, it is simple to navigate the app too.

The app in context to study in Budapest will help students to apply for the admission in the institutes of Budapest within minutes along with quick processing. Not only educational Institutes but both these apps will take an account of things like travel, information of city guide, currency exchange, part-time or freelance jobs for students and much more.

All the services are available on these apps at some premium amount. These apps have also made available sections which prepare students for the visa related questions. It not only makes the entire process of admission easier but also reduces the need of university agents who often demands a huge amount for this.

Now instead of wasting time on different sites on the internet to browse information regarding all these queries, students will be able to get all the information on a single page. The application acceptance for the institute would come along the travel and visa assistance which is like the icing on the cake for the students.

The founder and CEO of Goziex Tech, Mr. Davies Iyiegbu further added that in this modern world such apps would help students to become more digitalized. It will help them to connect to the lectures in Budapest in a better manner.

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