Deported Irish woman successful in Canada

Posted on: 26 Feb 2018  |   Tags: student news , visas , World News ,

The United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States have closed doors to immigration but not Canada. While all these nations are missing out on the skills of these immigrants, Canada is gaining a lot more. That’s the story of a Siobhán Young. After spending nine precious years of her life in Australia, the Irish citizen was told to leave the country in 28 days. She tried finding employer-based sponsorship but was unsuccessful. Then she decided to fight the government’s decision and spent thousands of dollars, but that did not help either. So she booked a flight to her home country, Ireland. But before doing so, Young decided to make a stopover in Vancouver. And that changed her life completely. The moment she stepped in the city, she fell in love with it and decided to call her home. For the next two months, she worked on her profile and he was selected through the International Experience Canada initiative and was awarded a two-year open work permit to her. Today, Young lives with her Canadian boyfriend and has made many friends around. After she went to Vancouver on the work permit, she studied the area she lived in and decided she wanted to open her own business. She always wanted to do so in Australia, but the strict rules didn’t let her. But in Canada, she was permitted to do anything she wanted to unless and until it was legal. She established BC Bia, a business that provides Irish snacks to bars and restaurants.

Endless opportunities in Canada

The North American country plans to welcome one million immigrants between 2018 and 2020. Some would already be permanent residents, while some close to it. Ahmed Hussen, the Immigration Minister of Canada, is an immigrant himself, which helps him understand the immigrants and plan policies accordingly.

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