Denmark's New Immigration Bill Under The Scanner


The lawmakers in Denmark have passed a controversial bill during the month of January with the main objective of trying to make Denmark a bit less attractive for migrants and refugees alike. Here , the bill introduces a number of measures that may include permitting the police to seize valuables and cash from the migrants.  Here're a few points that sums up Denmark's immigration bill and its effects on all immigrants and refugees.

Policemen are now allowed to conduct a search and seizure operation on all migrants residing in Denmark and apart from searching luggage, the police are empowered to confiscate cash if exceeding 10,00 Kr, along with the valued items costing more than the mentioned amount. The items with  sentimental values such as the wedding rings etc are not included.

The Danish government has defended the current immigration bill terming it necessary in view of the current immigrant and refugee crisis. It has also overhauled the current visa procedures to ensure stricter screening of all those applying for residency visa.  Switzerland is one of those few countries that had applied a similar immigration rule successfully since its introduction in 1990 but this rule is applicable for seizing cash only, from those seeking asylum in the country and the lower limit is set at 1000 Swiss francs.

Both refugees and immigrants are accorded a lower form of protection as per the Danish Law, reported according to the Denmark Visa news. This means that crimes committed among this particular group would not be dealt  in the same manner as with crimes being committed among ordinary danish citizens. Apart from being treated with lesser rights and respect, some of the migrant families may have to wait an inordinate amount of time before they can bring their family over to join with them in Denmark.

Remember, that once have applied to bring your family over, the process can take years to complete. Given the time involved in waiting for the process to complete, it is no wonder that the slow process has prompted criticisms that the Denmark immigration services may violate Human Rights in terms of European Convention, the United Nation Organisation Convention on Child rights along with the UN Refugee protocol.

In case of PR applications, the language requirements have also been raised from Danish 1 to Danish 2.  Apart from language requirements, the applicant must have been working for the last two and half years, before applying for a PR. As per Denmark immigration news, foreigners can apply for PR after a stay of six years in Denmark instead of the usual five.

.This time cap for PR has been reduced to two years for those refugees who are seeking asylum and are facing persecution on the basis of nationality, social or political beliefs, race, religion, color, etc. Apart from this, all applicants must be eighteen years of age, and with no criminal record. In addition, all the refugees have to pay the charges involved in the transportation of the family members they bring along themselves. The fee in terms of the applications for the PR permits can be 3,700 Kroner per head.

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