Denmark tightens its purse, to deal with illegal migration and refugees


There has been a steady increase in immigration to Denmark over the past thirty years, with majority of the immigrants originating from non-Western countries. In 2014, over 8 percent of the population comprised of immigrants. Due to the political situation in the world, there has been a fresh relocation of refugees which has caused a change in demographics and poses a challenge to the nation.

Denmark spends 30 percent of the overall amount that is allocated to foreign development assistance within Denmark on the people who migrate to Denmark. The amount is used to compensate for all the costs to accommodate the refugees who apply for asylum status in Denmark.

Only 2 percent of the foreign aid budget was used up eight years ago on refugees in Denmark

Other than spending on the refugees who migrate to Denmark, another 12 percent of Danish foreign aid goes to charitable humanitarian projects with the aim to offer instant support. However, Denmark does not focus on the development of the affected country on a long-term basis.

Denmark has been using a higher contribution of the funds for development assistance on the refugees. It has undermined its hard work to lessen the surge of refugees. They have also cut down aid to West Africa as they migrate to Denmark. This has increased the number of migrants to Europe.

The Scandinavian countries - Sweden and Norway – tend to spend the foreign aid budget on the asylum seekers which is about 30 and 20 percent while the UK, sends all the development assistance funds overseas. The second biggest recipient of Danish development aid is Afghanistan.

Denmark further has further cut foreign aid in 2016

Denmark has cutback around a further 1.5 billion kroner from foreign development aid after a 2.9 billion kroner reduction in aid money, announced during the current budget. This is likely to result in a rise in the number of refugees most likely to migrate to Denmark seeking asylum.

The foreign minister Kristian Jensen has declared a further cut in the aid. Some suggest that it will have an contradictory effect on slowing down the influx of refugees. If the development aid is cut consistently then it creates a kind of hopelessness in the African countries as well as those adjoining Syria. This leads to refugees illegally entering other European countries. The foreign development aid is being used to accommodate the spiraling cost of refugee crisis created due to the military engagement in Iraq and Libya.

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