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Denmark had recently overhauled its immigration policies and more specifically, with regard to its green card and permanent residency permits. If you need more information on Denmark’s latest immigration and visa policy updates, requirements, and process, please check out the information posted here. In addition, you can check out the Danish immigration Service website for the very latest on the same.

And remember, if you have close and immediate family, friends or even distant relatives in Denmark, you can apply for the residential permit on the grounds of family reunification.

Given that specific necessities are met, family reunification can be allowed - Denmark Immigration:

If you hold a residential permit, it usually will be a temporary one, provided you meet the basic criteria. Following a number of years, you can apply for permanent residency grant. You should meet the conditions laid down by the Danish government, for your unique residential citizenship license, along with additional conditions and requirements, for more information, kindly check out Denmark’s immigration website.

If you are granted a residential citizenship permit on the grounds of family reunification, you are automatically granted the right to work in Denmark.

However applicants who have been granted protected status temporarily, as is often the case with refugees as per Aliens Act Section 7 (3) can neither bring anyone over right away or even support or sponsor an individual applying on the grounds family reunification. They can only do so after their residential grant has been stretched out post the initial 3 years of residential citizenship.

In case the individual in Denmark (the companion/accomplice or the guardian) is an EU/EEA native or Swiss subject living in Denmark, then special conditions, under the EU directions on freedom of movement would apply, and special privileges may be granted.

Different guidelines come into play if the applicant had been awarded a residential permit as an undergraduate studying in Denmark or for the purpose of working there.  In case that you have questions about family reunification, you  can contact the Danish Immigration Service.

The Danish Parliament has scheduled the updated immigration bill for passage in the parliament. If the bill passes, then Denmark’s immigration policies are all set to be overhauled and the nation will no longer accept new applications for its green card program. So if you are planning to apply for a residential permit or a green card, please contact Denmark’s immigration service, or check out their website for the very latest information.

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