denmark The Green card Scheme has been canceled by the Danish government, with immediate effect from June, 2016. Applications for a PR permit under the Green card Scheme submitted before 10th June 2016 will be reviewed and processed accordingly.  In case you are a green card holder who has been granted a permanent citizenship based on the application submitted before 10th June 2016, you can be conceded an expansion of your PR permit only if you are eligible enough and fulfill all the requirements. Accompanying relatives and immediate family to Green card holders can likewise apply for a permanent citizen permit or even apply in order to expand their stay in Denmark; as per the latest Denmark visa news. This applies whether family members or the relative in question, submits the application before or after 10 June 2016. Essential information for Green card holders: It would be ideal enough to remember within a few months of getting your PR permit; you should relocate and ensure that you have an official residence in Denmark. You alone are responsible for selecting a perfect spot to live. It is necessary that you take out a health insurance covering the period during your stay until you are qualified and covered by a requisite national insurance plan. It is likewise mandatory that in the primary year after you have been allowed a residential permit you have earned at least Fifty thousand Kroner. The Danish immigration authorities will consequently check the pay register to check whether you meet this requirement. If not, your citizenship grant might be repudiated or you might be denied an expansion.  It is necessary that you do not avail any unemployment advantages or any open help under the terms of your PR, during this period. Green card holders don't have to get a different work permit. The residential permit gives you the privilege to do paid or unpaid work. Notwithstanding, it doesn't give you the privilege to fill in as an independently employed individual (maintain your own particular business). Note that you can't bring over any relatives to Denmark before you are settled at an official location in Denmark, have found an occupation, and have gotten a pay.  Augmentation: Denmark Visa News According to Denmark Visa news, you can apply for augmentation, as a green card holder for a period of up to three years.  You should submit the application for an augmentation before your grant terminates. Your living arrangement permit can be augmented In case that you meet the base wage prerequisite: If, over the span of the previous one year before presenting your application for an augmentation, you must have earned the normal compensation (of general society and private division) as required, for say new graduates.   Pay requirements At the time when applying for an extension, you should meet the base pay prerequisite for the year in which you were allowed your first green card permit. For instance, In case that you were allowed your first granted your Green card permit in 2010, you should archive a compensation of at any rate DKK 289,286 over the previous year (normal pay for the year 2010) each time you apply for an augmentation of your green card grant. In this manner, the sum which must be recorded, this does not change for the individual candidate. In the event that your home permit lapses but you have applied for an extension before the close date, you can stay in Denmark while your application is processed.

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