Denmark extends ID border check to include Germany

Posted on: 02 Apr 2016  |   Tags: border checks , denmark , Germany , immigration , refugees ,

Refugees welcome? The Danish police aim to deter the migrants with persistent spot checks on the German border as Europe continues to face a "historically high" number of migrants, according to the government. Plans to extend the border control Copenhagen continues to extend border controls until May 3 as per the Danish Ministry for Immigration, Integration and Housing. Denmark immigration authorities have also introduced high-level identity checks early January, following the fact that thousands of migrants crossed all the way through its terrain to reach a more asylum-friendly country Sweden. There has been a significant drop in the influx of migrants to Germany and Sweden when the Balkan route was closed down several weeks ago. The Denmark immigration authority’s measures had a preventive effect as per integration Minister, Inger Stojberg. However, there is still high pressure on the external borders of Europe, as refugee and migrant influx may increase appreciably as soon as the weather conditions improve. The reason Denmark immigration wanted to extend the border controls was to ensure that big groups of refugees and migrants do not accumulate in Denmark. Long path to Sweden The Danish police had checked about 488,000 people from the time when the measures came into effect, according to the letter from Stojberg to the European Commission. Consequently, entry was denied to just about 1,000 migrants while over 100 were charged for suspected human trafficking. In the year 2015, Denmark immigration department saw more than 21,000 asylum applications, which was a leap of 44 percent from the year before. Sweden, at the same time, accepted 163,000 migrants which were more than any other country. The influx, however, stressed the state apparatus of the Scandinavian country. This prompted Stockholm to boost up border controls plus set in motion a huge repatriation plan. Denmark immigration extends controls to avoid illegal migrants Temporary controls were extended by 30 days at the borders all the way from Denmark extending up to Germany to May 3, according to the Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing. Similar controls were implemented earlier in January 2016 when the government of Denmark first implemented temporary border controls on January 4. The border control was a reaction to similar steps taken by Sweden when it saw an inflow of migrants from the countries like the Middle East and Africa. Denmark immigration views border control as an indispensable step to avoid illegal amassing of migrants in Denmark.

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