Denmark: Asylum seekers do a rethink and withdraw their applications

Posted on: 08 May 2016  |   Tags: denmark , europe , immigration , refugee crisis , refugees ,

9402394820_be83f0806d_z In 2015, Denmark immigration received 44 percent more applications than in 2014, a little more than 21,000. Denmark executed border control since the starting of the year 2016 to control the number of asylum seekers in the country. This has led to a significant drop in the number of asylum seekers. The border control measures have been extended six times after implementation. There have been several applications withdrawn for asylum in Denmark since January 1st, amounting to 279 according to Denmark’s Integration Minister. There has been a sharp decline in the number of immigrants to Denmark seeking asylum. According to the police data compiled 641 seekers entered after border controls were introduced and last week just 45. According to Denmark immigration, the number of applications withdrawn is proof that the applications were from convenience refugees seeking a place where they can live a good life and usually move around between countries. The officials of the Denmark immigration department estimate a large number of applicants have left the country without informing which is in addition to the 279 who formally withdrew their application seeking asylum. The asylum seekers will be provided with airline tickets by the Danish government if they leave through a proper channel. Denmark is facing a refugee crisis The situation of the residents of the asylum centers, according to Denmark immigration, is worse as they experience poverty, isolation, and mental block after a long stay. When they get a refugee status, they become welfare clients while the state does not want them to be. Relative to its population, a large proportion of asylum seekers have come to Denmark. About 81 percent of applications of asylum seekers have positive outcomes. It is one country that spends the maximum on the refugees per capita. Denmark is ignoring the continuous impact the asylum policies has on the state, which produces welfare clients instead of healthy, active, and resourcefully networked citizens and denizens. Denmark’s international reputation is at stake The Denmark immigration responded to the query regarding the applications withdrawn. A vast number of applications were found to belong to Iraqis and Iranians as well as 9 from the Syrians. The asylum seekers fleeing war and persecution in their country receive poor treatment in comparison to the prison inmates convicted of a crime. The refugee camp and asylum centre residents have the potential to become Denizens with the help of the Venligboerne and other grassroots initiatives. Denmark’s international reputation is at stake due to voices from and beyond the camps as it destabilizes the society as well as its democracy, freedom of speech and consensus.

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