Demand for Canada Temporary Resident Visas at Unprecedented Levels

Demand for Canada Temporary Resident Visas at Unprecedented LevelsSince 2015 figures, Canada has seen a four-fold increase in the number of applications for temporary resident visas issued to students, visitors as well as workers, a situation which placed a higher demand on the Immigration Department. According to the annual plan released by Canada Immigration Department, more than 5.7 million temporary visas were issued from March 2017 to March 2018 representing a huge jump from the 1.3 million issued two years before. Federal officials say government's efforts to increase international tourism in Canada are responsible for the surge seeing in the number of migrants applying for temporary visas. A spokesman for Canada immigration minister said Minister Ahmed Hussen promotes tourism and people-to-people ties in Canada on each of his travels abroad. He said Canada pays much attention to tourism and promotes it through several agencies in the country, including 'apply early' campaign at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The number (1.3 million) of visitors visas issued in 2018 was 45% higher than the 2015's according to figures released.

New overseas Visa application centres

Processing such high numbers of temporary visas has posed several logistics challenges to the immigration department. To handle this 'pleasant' challenge, Canada opened 17 new overseas visa-application, and more are to be opened this year. Besides new centers, updated technology now allows visa offices to quickly transfer applications digitally to centres that are not as busy for processing. As these numbers keep increasing, advocates are calling on the government to afford temporary workers and students the same basic rights given to other newcomers. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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