Controversy on NSW government regarding Australian 457 visa

Posted on: 11 Apr 2017  |   Tags: ,

  457 visa 2 According to a request by a freedom of information, it has been revealed that the New South Wales government has been accused of allowing job market contractors to outsource and recruit foreign workers in the IT field on the basis of the 457 visa scheme as the vacancies could have been filled by the Australian workers. The NSW government took this decision of outsourcing when the foreign global companies promised to fill 70% of jobs onshore and remaining 30% by the offshore job. Following the FOI request, Finance department of NSW government said that it was not able to provide market testing data which was conducted before the hiring of 32 foreign workers. 457 visa Scheme was basically developed to allow foreign works in the Australia to fulfill vacancies where it is really needed and also by giving first priority to the countrymen for higher skilled jobs. NSW’s Greens MP, Mr. Shoebridge said the FOI was filed to justify the market testing report on the hiring of foreign workers for IT jobs. He also said that the contractors who are allowed to outsource are now also outsourcing their outsourced job and are taking advantage of the no oversight by the government. This is also allowing other multinational companies to decide that no local skilled workers are needed to do IT jobs. He mentioned that it is bullshit information that there is no local skilled worker and he also added that the companies are just trying to overlook the local workers as they don’t want to pay them enough wages. Mr. Shoebridge mentioned that the companies are now fulfilling their commercial priority by recruiting foreign workers on the 457 visa scheme and also making their profits but that is a betrayal of the Australian workers who are not finding a job in spite of being well skilled for an IT job. The NSW government confirmed that many foreign workers were hired in 2016 to fill up full-time jobs in the country after ServiceFirst decided to outsource the jobs while Mr. Diminic also confirmed that these workers will be retained in their respective job positions. An officer for the NSW government said that the market testing has been done not to fulfill a part of negotiation but to complete the responsibilities of the vendors. Victor Dominello, another minister of the NSW government said that the government has now assigned GovConnect to look after the recruitments of HR, Payroll, financial, accounting and IT services.

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