Clearance in U.S. Border to be now expanded to Canada

Clearance in U.S. Border to be now expanded to CanadaA bill has been proposed that would basically expand U.S. border pre-clearance in Canada, is already set to become law after it was adopted and accepted by the American Congress. This step is aimed towards enhancing trade and security on both sides of the border that is between the two countries. It will witness  pre-clearance centers added for train travel, with bus and car journeys to be pre-authorized in future. It is expected that this move will result in easier border transfer and boost the movement of goods as well as people. This bill took several years in the making. Taking so much time , many thought that this bill would never become a law. The border is the longest international border in the world at 8,891km, 2,475km of which is with Alaska. Approximately 3 million Canadians travelled to the USA in February 2016. Around 400,000 people and $2.4 billion in trade cross the border each day. Now for the bill to pass, it only requires the signature of the President .The bill was agreed upon after the outgoing U.S. president and Canada counterpart Justin Trudeau reached agreement on the latest version earlier in 2016. Accordingly U.S. customs offices will be established at both locations, where the necessary and prior checks will take place to allow trains to pass straight across the border between the two countries. If at all the pilots are a success, the project will widely expand to include further travel, plus bus and then the car journeys. However Pre-clearance is nothing new in Canada. Centers are  already established at most of the airports. Quebec City’s Jean Lesage and  Toronto’s Billy Bishop will now be added as part of the new agreement. Specifics of the legislation will now allow American agents to carry certified and verified weapons. The legislation will also give the authority to question and detain travellers. The bill does not grant the power to arrest to the customs agents.  

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