Cheaper fees and Better Jobs for International Students in Canada

Cheaper Tuition fees and Better Jobs for International Students in CanadaThe major reasons why students from across the globe are moving to Canada for pursuing studies are the cheaper tuition fees, a faster visa process and most importantly better post-graduation job opportunities. However students are facing several problem as they are unaware of Canadian norms. According to many students, cultural awareness sessions are highly beneficial and also by providing a senior student guide has been proven to be beneficial. America has always dominated the market for foreign students but  Donald Trump’s victory  could make lives difficult in the country as an immigrant.However Canada has recently announced its tweak in its immigration system to help and boost economy and also declared sustained record immigration numbers. One of these policies will make it easier and simpler for international students to begin their working lives in Canada after they graduate. Reportedly international students pay two to three times more tuition fees than Canadian students, making them the major contributors for the top universities across the country.It is estimated that the U.S. international student population is approximately worth $32 billion a year to the country’s economy. Most of the students are targetting top universities like Toronto and McGill. International Graduates Under Express Entry International students obtaining degrees and diplomas in Canada are now specifically awarded points. Students will get 30 extra points for completing a total three year post secondary, master’s, professional degree or doctorate, while those who complete post secondary diploma of at least one year can score 15 points. No points are awarded for a high school certificate acquired in the country. However Canada’s provinces are already working upon the policies attracting international students to their universities, and on giving a warm welcome to international graduates through their immigration programs. It is also reported that the number of Canadian-born graduates who are dropping off from the college are increasing year after another.          

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