Change in Policy for Provisional Immigrant Visa in Canada

Changes in policy for provisional immigrant visa in CanadaIn Canada, The Committee of House of Commons has proposed some changes in the policy of foreign worker program. The focus of these proposals was on implementing easy ways of switching to permanent residency and smoothness for companies to fulfill their job market requirements. Apart from this, other recommendations were about the removal of such a policy that restricts the immigrant workers from overseas to work for a particular employer as it will create a scenario of exploitation of the worker by the company. Categorization of suitable company will also be done under Trusted Employer Program through which faster processing of applications could be done. The committee also suggested removing the rule under which workers have to leave Canada after four years. Minister of Employment, Workforce Development, and Labor, MaryAnn Mihychuk and Immigration Minister, John McCallum have promised to respond over the recommendations in 120 days which is a legal legislature time. As the parliament is having large number of Liberal Party people then it can be assumed that major changes can be implemented in the near future. The committee focused on the problems faced by business because of the application fee of $1000 in Labour Market Assessment Group. It was also suggested that work permit for low pay groups should be extended to two years from one year. It was also taking long for the process of application which affects the workers and companies. Employment and Social Development Department of Canada should check the process of LMIA to increase the efficiency and speed of processing. The committee saw the need of restructuring of Workers program and removal of transition plan in order to fulfill company’s demand of workforce in scarcity. The committee also found out the need of collecting data in a way to balance the economy of local geographic area belonging to small community.

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