Change in law for maximum age of dependent children

Change in law for maximum age of dependent childrenIn a move that may influence many immigrants of Canada, the legislature of Canada is planning to change the maximum age of the dependent child to less than 22 years old i.e. 21 or under. This is a great news indeed for all the migrants.

This rule was framed to promote family reunification program. The proposed change will stay as a draft for a period of 30 days, amid which it will be explored and if needed adjustments will be done for improving the rule. This change has been developed in view of Canadian demographic information. Moreover, the national census supports the need to implement this law.

It is perceived that many young adults stay with their folks for a more extended period. Given the significance of education, it is not abnormal for a few kids to stay with their nuclear family while seeking education before starting the job.

Many adults aged somewhere around 19 and 21 may not be qualified to apply for Canadian citizenship under the financial migration program, basically denying them the chance to join their family in Canada.

At the point when families can stay together as an economic family unit, their integration into Canada and their capacity to work and contribute to society increases. The proposed increase of the maximum age of the dependent child is consistent with the underlying financial pattern that kids stay at home longer with their folks, especially those studying for lengthier periods.

While the minimum age for candidates under Canadian economic movement projects is typically 18, numerous people may not yet have the required training or work experience to make an application. In this way, an explicit target of this proposed change is to empower these youngsters to acquire permanent resident status while pursuing their studies. It is expected that this program would prove to be beneficial for post-graduate students.

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