CEDA Demands Improved Work Authorization In Australia

CEDA Demands Improved Work Authorization In AustraliaThe existing work authorization 457 was a failed move and hugely affected the migration policy of the nation along with the self-confidence of the Australian natives. Therfore, the Committee for Economic Development of Australia has recommended that the work authorization in Australia should be improved for overseas immigrants. The current 457 authorization was not properly systemized and hence many companies misused it to bring in a large number of low skilled workers, which set in the fear that due to this visa policy, the number of jobs for the natives was decreasing. According to a report prepared, the current system allowed companies to bring in the workers for jobs that were in scarcity, completely neglecting the factual data. There are many cases of abusing of the provisional work visa recorded. The evidence given by the report included an agency called 7-Eleven that paid the immigrant workers a very low pay, even lower than the basic limit and also producing false payrolls. Stephen Martin, Head of CEDA has mentioned that the country has a very good immigration policy that has hugely supported the financial growth of Australia. The current work system was appreciated by the whole nation in the past but it is truly sad news that the immigration by political factions has spread a wrong word about the benefits of migration. This actually has created a hole in the current work authorization of the country. To confirm a better growth of Australian economy and also to take complete advantage of financial richness in Asia, it is necessary for the country to increase the yearly intake of immigrants to twice of its current number in the next forty years. It is recorded that in year 2014-15 around 202,853 permanent visas were accepted. The report also included a recommendation to the government that it must take initiatives to nurture the growth of population inclusive of immigration in terms of service, infrastructure facilities, overcrowding of urban areas and also the unaccepted influence on the environment.

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