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Cayman Islands Thanks Immigration For Growth

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Alden McLaughlin, Prime Minister of Cayman Islands, said that the islands owes its success to immigration. McLaughlin was asked by the legislative to review its immigration procedures and laws. He said that he doesn’t want to change anything because immigration has helped the British territory grow.

During the budget session of financial year 2017 – 18, he said that immigration has always been a positive and important factor that has contributed to the islands’ growth. He said that he knows immigration isn’t a good thing for certain nations, but this British territory has been completely benefitted by it. McLaughlin feels that the procedure should be handled properly. The locals should also stop cussing at the foreigners.

He feels that if the procedure is properly managed immigration will provide work opportunities to Caymanians. Immigration has always been Cayman Islands economic foundation. McLaughlin said that employers in the British territory don’t always want to hire locals. The media is always promoting that being a Caymanian you can do anything. The premier feels that’s not true. It limits their ability to aspire and get educated. His government is currently working on making the work permit system more transparent.

Source: DxCoffee

A beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea

For those who don’t know, Cayman Islands is a group of three islands in the Caribbean Sea. It is a British territory and is most known for its beach resorts and deep sea fishing. It is the ultimate definition of luxury by the sea. Some of the things to do when in Cayman Islands are Cayman Turtle Farm, Starfish Point, Dolphin Discovery Grand Cayman, Mastic Trail, and Barker’s National Park.

When you are in Cayman Islands, definitely try some of these dishes – conch stew, Johnny cake, jerk chicken, Cayman style beef, cassava cake, coconut shrimp, and turtle stew.

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