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Australian PR’s Are Eligible for Citizenship with a Change in Fee

in Australia Immigration/Immigration/Visas by

An Australian PR visa allows individuals to remain in the country for an indefinite period. Under the migration program initially, a 5-year visa is issued, which is granted together with the permanent residency. The immigrant holding the initial visa may re-enter Australia freely until it expires.


An Australian PR has the majority of the rights and entitlements as that of an Australian citizen. There are a few differences like Australian citizens have the right to enter the country any time they travel, however, if a PR chooses to travel internationally, they must make sure their visa is valid and also must have a valid travel authority in case they wish to come back to Australia as permanent residents.

Australian Citizen offers certain rights to PR

Australian citizens can vote in the federal, state or territorial and Government elections, however, an Australian PR cannot. However, there is an exception to this rule, of those that were enrolled to vote prior to 1984 as British subjects. They can continue to exercise their vote.

Australia is built on a combination of indigenous Australians as well as foreign nationals from all around the world. It is a diverse country and constantly strives for unity, and harmony with a stable government.

Other Privileges as an Australian Citizen

The Australian PR, like other citizens will be eligible to apply for Australian Public service or work in the defense force. They will be eligible to receive help from Australian officials overseas, register their children as Australian citizens by descent, apply for the Australian Passport and travel and re-enter Australia freely.

The citizenship is based on the type of visa and residence history

An Australian PR can apply for citizenship based the visa and residency history. There are various ways like Australian citizenship by descent, by adoption, resuming Australian citizenship and evidence of Australian citizenship.

The Australian PR is required to support with documents for children, certified original documents, long-term residence documents, translation of documents not in English, as well as providing the documents from outside, not within Australia.

Once the Australian PR has applied for the Australian citizenship program, most of the people are required to take a citizenship test to demonstrate their understanding of the nature of their application, their knowledge of the English language as well as privileges and responsibilities as a citizen of Australia along with knowledge about Australia.

Before applying for the citizenship, it is essential to know the cost of the application as it will depend more on the application option.

Food skills count, when it comes to immigrating to Canada

in Canada Immigration/Immigration/Visas by


Canada sought 16% of immigrants in the food service and cooking sector where the Express Entry method resulted in nearly one hundred and ninety thousand applications of which only 31,000 met the criteria for permanent residency and the applicants were invited to apply for the same. If you are also travelling or migrating to a country like Canada for business or work or study then there are several advantages of having your case dealt by the best immigration consultants.

The Canadian immigration department has set a record of completing 80 percent of all visa applications, completing the process well within the time frame of twenty four weeks. Of the 31,000 applying for PR, 10,000 are the primary applicants and their families have already migrated to Canada.

The top occupations to migrate to Canada included some from the food sector

Professors top the list for occupations and international students do exceedingly well in the Express Entry visa system. The number of applicants for the post of food service supervisors was 2,356 to immigrate in the year 2015 followed by 2,295 cooks. The two occupations together accounted for 16 percent of those who got a PR status in Canada.

The immigration process has been laid down by the government along with the rules and regulations. The best immigration consultants are well equipped with the latest information to be communicated to the client honestly and in the most transparent way possible.

Some of the best jobs that will help you gain Entry to Canada

Under the Express Entry system, the top sector to gain entry to Canada is Food service supervisors and Cooks. Some of the other occupations that ended up in the top ten list of the Canadian list are – Software engineers (3 percent), Information systems analysts (4 percent), Interactive media developers, Computer Programmers (3 percent), University professors and Lecturers (3 percent), Illustrators and Graphic designers (2 percent), Retail sales supervisors (2 percent), Accountants and Financial auditors (2 percent) and Financial investment analysts (2 percent).

The best immigration consultants are abreast and updated at all times. They will be able to help you work the entire procedure right from scratch, providing timely services. They will help you to attain the most accurate and updated information as per the trend.

The top three immigrant source countries are India, China, and the Philippines, accounting for 41 per cent of the candidates successful in gaining entry to Canada. In 2015, there were a number of people from the United Kingdom (5.8%), Ireland (4.3%) and United States (3.4%). They ranked among the top six to contribute to the immigrant population. The countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Egypt were left out of the top 10 countries.

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