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Biometric Facilities Added In New Cities For India E-Visa

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Biometric facilities added in new cities for India e-visaIn 2017, electronic Tourist Visa (e-Visa) for India was used by about 1.69 million foreigners, which represent a huge surge in a movement to the country via this facility. In respect to this, international tourists who want to visit India can now do their biometrics registration for getting e-visa in eight additional cities. These new cities will be equipped with biometric facilities to hasten and make easier the process of foreign visitors obtaining e-visa according to Press Trust of India (PTI), India’s largest news agency. The cities include Ottawa (Canada), Brussels (Belgium), Oslo (Norway), St. Petersburg and Vladivostok (Russia), Zagreb (Croatia), Budapest (Hungary) and Munich (Germany).

With the latest additions, an integrated e-visa system for biometric registration is now obtainable in 152 Indian missions bringing Indian missions overseas to a total of 178. With the provision of these facilities in more foreign cities, foreign tourists are not required to tender their biometrics when they arrive India hence making their move into India hassle-free because they can provide their details in their respective countries.

An official of the country said this would make it easier to share and monitor visa data. E-visa facility for India can be used by citizens of more than 160 countries.

How it Works?

It is clearly stated on the website created by the Indian government for the purpose of this e-visa that:

  • Applicants from the eligible countries may apply for India’s e-visa at least 4 days before the date of arrival with a 120-day window.
  • Such e-visa obtained by international tourists will be valid for 60 days which starts counting from the day of entering India.
  • For e-tourist visa and e-business visa, double entry is allowed by the Indian government’s provision
  • Triple entry is allowed for tourists applying for e-Medical Visa.

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Extension of E-Frro Services in India

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Extension of E-Frro Services in IndiaOn 11th October 2018, e-services for all foreign nationals resident in India was launched as announced by India’s Bureau of Immigration. This is a result of the increased attention given to the digital way of providing services by the Indian government. Indian Bureau of Immigration introduced online immigration portal very early this year and was initially piloted in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Chennai.

For the first time in the history of the country, E-FRRO visa services (registration and applications for extension of visa) can be done (from start to finish) through online procedure. This is a much welcomed and surely a long-awaited development that removes the stress of visiting the FRRO (Foreigner Regional Registration Services) by foreign nationals. This online procedure also makes room for payment of visa fees and late registration dues online. It gives room for a higher level of transparency and provides paperless services.

After online registration and applications, foreign nationals may yet need to attend an interview process depending on the position of the adjudicating officer (this happens in very few exceptional cases). In this case, they will get the necessary information about the interview by email or SMS. Foreigner Regional Registration Offices communicates with all foreign nationals via online profiles of applicant, SMS or email. Foreign nationals who do not pay their fees and dues or do not provide documents within the stipulated time are liable to prosecution (and/or fines as the case may be).

How It Works

  • File application on the immigration portal through registered userID
  • Have a valid email and an active India mobile number (for one-time password and other alerts/updates)
  • When approved, documents will be sent to postal addresses and emails
  • In case of exigency, foreign nationals can visit FRRO for grant of service.
  • In exceptional cases, applicants may be required to visit FRRO office for an interview.

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Know More About Ireland Work Visa for Non-EU Workers

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If you are planning to move to Ireland, you’ve come to the right place! The Republic of Ireland just launched a Special Work Visas for non-European Union workers in the agricultural sector because it needs a lot of workers. Heather Humphreys, Minister for Business, Enterprise, and Innovation of Ireland, made the announcement in May 2018. She also mentioned that her department will offer priority to those who apply for the visa program. According to Independent IE, farm workers who come from outside of the European Economic Area will be issued the visa.

Joe Healy, President of Ireland Farming Association, said that there’s extreme scarcity of workers in the farming sector. It is very acute in Pig, Poultry, Horticulture, and Dairy sectors as well. You can easily consider that Ireland is going through a crisis, which needs to be stopped before things get completely out of hand. Healy added that because of this reason the minister wants to prioritize the Special Work Visas. He also informed that the Department of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation recently hosted a meeting with the Agriculture Department in Ireland in the past week.

Humphreys said that highest priority will be given to farm workers who received jobs in the soft fruit, vegetable, and mushroom farms. Department of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation recently conducted a review of the Ireland Work Visas across different skilled and unskilled sector. It will be released publicly later in June 2018.

How much will the workers be paid?

The Irish government revealed that foreign farm workers will be paid a minimum of 22,000 euros. Horticulture workers will receive 500 visas, meat processing operatives will get 250 visas, and dairy farm assistants will receive 50 visas. Michael Creed, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine of Ireland, said that they decided to introduce the visa after repeated complaints of scarcity of workers from the labor market.

New Czech Republic Visa Application Centre Opened in Goa

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Do you dream of visiting the beautiful Bohemian streets of the Czech Republic? Central Europe has some of the world’s most beautiful countries in the world like Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The government of the Central European nation has opened its 16th the Global Czech Republic Visa Application Centre in Goa. The center is run by VFS Global, a global outsourcing firm that works with governments and diplomatic associations across the globe.

Milan Hovorka, Ambassador, the Czech Republic to India, said that launching the Czech Republic Visa Application Centre in Goa shows the genuine interest of the republic’s government to serve growing interests of Indians. The Czech Republic is one of the most preferred for Indian tourists. There are 15 more Czech Republic visa centers in India in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, and more. The Central European country wants to make things convenient for tourists by opening up visa centers in all major cities of India. The latest opening is in Panjim. Apart from submitting visa applications, you can also get information about the required documents and also show all your documents before submitting.

Visiting the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is most famous for the Prague Castle, a ninth century castle in the country’s capital. Visiting the capital, Prague, is so much different from than any other cities you’ll visit. It is a modern day city but also embraces its rich history. Even though the flight tickets are a little costlier than visiting other European nations, it is absolutely worth it. Some of the places you should definitely visit in your lifetime in the Czech Republic are Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Metropolitan Cathedral of Saints Vitus, Sumava National Park, Petrin Lookout Tower, and Karlstejn Castle.

Traditional dishes one should not miss out are roast pork with dumplings, apple strudel, fruit-filled dumplings, and beer sausage. Czech Republic food is not healthy exactly, but everyone will find its favorite here.

Thailand Offers Four Year Work Visa

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Thailand Offers

Expats living in Thailand and earning more than 200,000 baht per month will now get a four-year-long work visa from January 15 onwards. This is a long-awaited program and is named Smart Visa by the government of Thailand. Thanarak Boonyaratkarin, Lt Col, Immigration Bureau Police, said that the Smart Visa would get the most benefits than any other visa. It lets you stay for a very long time and also bring your family along with you.

If you qualify for the Smart Visa, you can apply for it at your nearest Thai embassy, Work Permits at Chamchuri Square in Bangkok, or One-Stop Service Center for Visas. Only the people belonging to the following industries, and earning more than 200,000 baht per month are eligible for the Smart Visa. These industries are healthcare, technology, and robotics, and a few others.

Earlier, people with work permit in Thailand had to check with immigration authorities every 90 days. But if you are on a Smart Visa, you have to check annually only. Those on the Smart Visa don’t need to acquire a special work permit as well since it comes included in it. These people can also be entrepreneurs or investors in the mentioned fields. However, investors need to get an approval of their investment by Thailand Board of Investment.

Thailand Offers you new 4.0 initiative

It is an initiative taken by the government to boost its tech industry. It currently has ten sectors, and more five they will add in the future, which includes medical services and digital technology, aviation and logistics, biochemistry, robotics, and equipment and pharmaceuticals. All these are included in the Smart Visa category.

Also, Smart Visa holders will be issued a four-year extension instead of the one-year extension that will be issued until now. Their families will automatically get the four-year extension as well.

4 Reasons You Should Study Abroad in Scotland

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When you often think of studying in the UK, England is the first country that comes to your mind. We forget that Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales is a part of the United Kingdom too. For long, Scotland is considered high for its education quality and universities like University of Edinburgh and University of Glasgow. With education, Scotland also spoils you with beautiful nature, old colored houses, and tea cakes.

Source: Find A Masters

Here are four reasons you should study abroad in Scotland:

1. Affordable living costs

The living costs are much lower than in other parts of the UK. On an average, overall expenses of a student goes up to 9,000 pounds a year. You can rent a 1BHK in Edinburgh at 700 to 750 pounds a month. Since most students share apartments with other students, the cost goes lower. Students can also avail travel discounts on trains and buses.

2. Free education for EU or EEA students

Even though the UK exited from the European Union, Scottish universities still provide free education to EU students. EEA students also get free education in the universities. The cost of education is very low for international students as well. The universities have scholarships, loans, and bursaries so that international students can comfortably complete their education.

3. A course for every person

Universities in Scotland have over 4,500 different courses for students. All programs are research-led and prepare students for the future. If you are planning to study history, international law, architecture, medicine, or data science, consider studying in Scotland.

4. Scottish people are very friendly

Yes, Scottish people are the friendliest in the world. They randomly smile at you and ask you how you are feeling and if you need any help. Their smile will surely make your day. Scottish people love to make others feel comfortable and will always help out whenever you need any.

4 Reasons Why the US is the Best Country to Work

in Student News/USA/Visas by

If you are planning to apply for a US work visa, you would have always wondered how it is working in the US? If you are from India, you will find the US work culture very attractive. Many people from India are moving to the US because there are excellent job opportunities and friendlier people.

Source: Shutterstock

Here are four reasons why the US is the best country to work:

1. Friendly people

Americans are very friendly and always very curious. If they find an immigrant, they will instantly start talking to you because they want to know everything about it. Always smile back to them. They will always go out of their way to help you out, just like our neighbors back in India would.

2. Travel without spending too much

Only 39 percent Americans have a passport. Many Americans do not travel out of the country because it is so huge that you will need a decade to travel all places. In the US you will find anything right from snow capped mountains to sunny beaches. So when you reach there, apply for a driver’s license, buy a car, and go on road trips.

3. Meeting so many different people

The United States of America is a country of immigrants. You will meet people from all countries of the world. It is a great conversation starter and you will feel as if you have traveled to those places.

4. Food

There is an entire aisle dedicated to peanut butter spread in American supermarkets. You will at least find three aisles loaded with chocolate and candies. Anywhere you go in the US, you will find a lot of food. You don’t even need to cook at home because you can just go through drive thru and get delicious fast food.


If you are planning to take your family to the US, it is a great choice because the equality of education is impeccable.

3 Best Universities in Canada for International Students

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The multi-cultural country of Canada is famous for its top quality education, safe and secure environment, and versatile student culture. Canada has a lot to offer for postgraduate students. The North American country’s median age is 44 years, which means its needs both skilled and unskilled labor. It is the leading country in immigration reforms and has exceptional employment opportunities.

Source: Jerusalem Post

Here are top three universities in Canada for international students:

1. McGill University

McGill University is unarguably the best university in Canada. It is a favorite among international students for its great quality education and rankings. Located in Montreal, the McGill University is has the most environment for international students. It has high employer activity, which ensures high paying jobs. Tuition fees are very low and the university also offers a lot of scholarships. Best courses to study are business and management, engineering, and finance.

2. University of British Columbia

It ranks 50th in the QS World University Rankings. This university is very popular among international students as well. Vancouver is the costliest city in the world and has really high standard of living. Despite that, there are great student accommodations and you can also work part-time to cover up the costs. Best subjects to study at the University of British Columbia are economics, engineering, and science.

3. University of Alberta

With its impeccable support services and high quality education, the University of Alberta gets over 6,500 international students every year. It is a tiny city but unlimited opportunities. The cost of living is also very low, which gives you the chance to save money and also explore around more. The weather is usually cold 10 months a year, so that might take a little adjusting to do. Best courses to study at the university are science and management.

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