Canadian Immigration blues? Try alternatives to express entry system

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If you had applied for Canada’s Express entry program and are worried that you are yet to receive a ITA, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you either get one or better yet, able to explore other options in order to migrate to Canada.

Usually, applicants are required to complete an online profile, with all their background information, from skill sets to background information, education, job profile etc. This information must be verifiable, and would be used to determine the applicant’s CRS score. There’s no sure fire formula on how to land an ITA, but if you have not obtained one in the last few months, here are a few things you can do, apart from setting up an interesting profile. Apart from setting up a profile, make sure you do an exhaustive research regarding CIC policy updates, and the outlook for 2016.

More applicants in the Express Entry pool are turning out to be more creative in their quest for a Canadian citizenship, from trying new routes to improving their CRS score, since their profile will be active only for a period of twelve months from the time of application.

Setting up a new profile

Canadian immigration services make it easy to register your information so setting up a new profile once your old one is no longer active is not going to be hard. But remember, you can only set up a new profile after your old one lapses or after a period of twelve months.

Once you have re-entered your information, your information will be re-assessed and provided you meet the least criteria listed, you will be issued with another Express Entry profile number, and Job Seeker Validation Code will be given.

Your profile information will be used to match up with prospective jobs in the job bank, additionally provinces and territories can also review and select applicants for jobs in their local zones through their provincial nominee program.

Canadian migration alternatives outside the Express Entry framework

The provincial nominee program is one such program that serves as an alternative to the express entry system. There are different projects — the Provincial Nominee Programs — that have movement streams that work outside the Express Entry framework. Numerous people are relied upon to make an effective application to one of these projects in 2016.

For instance, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) International Skilled Workers - Occupations In-Demand sub-classification, which exists outside Express Entry, was one of the numerous sub-classifications that received countless applications this week. In addition to the provincial nominee program, there’s the QSWP (Quebec Skilled Worker Program) and SINP (Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program) which are just two of numerous non-Express Entry Canadian migration choices.

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