Canadian Government to Welcome More Immigrants

Canadian Government to welcome more immigrantsImmigrants are the assets of the nation and could increase the national gross income of the country that they are visiting. Income starts from the most basic producer and ends up in the treasury of the country. So, if a country brings in more immigrants- they can be either students or working class they will ultimately pay that country and that adds up to the economy of the nation.

However, bringing in an immigrant is not easy. Certain procedures and rules need to be followed to bring in people from another country. Every country has an advisory board that will, just like the name implies, advice the officials on whether they can afford bringing in immigrants and how to protect their rights and the native people’s rights. The Advisory Council has urged the Canadian government to increase their immigration rates for better economic growth. They have advised the government to increase the immigration rates by fifty percent with 450,000 immigrants per year over a period of five years.

This sudden need for immigrants is envisaged to increase the economic stability of Canada in the long run which includes more entrepreneurs and skilled workers. This particular council has about fourteen members which include capitalists, investors and other professionals who are involved in the economic affairs of the country. The recommendations and suggestions are to be submitted to the government by 20th of October. John McCallum- the Canadian Immigration minister has told that in the past, proper measures weren’t taken to welcome immigrants and that now the government will frame proper measures and make immigration its first priority to pave the road for a stronger economy. And to make it easier, the processing time for the residence programs has been reduced by 42 percent. This final decision is expected to increase the country’s economy greatly in the long-run.

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