Canadian Body Says 429,000 Jobs are Unfilled in Second Quarter of 2019

Canadian Body Says 429,000 Jobs are Unfilled in Second Quarter of 2019

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), in a press release, has asked the government of Canada to address the labor deficit that being faced by the private sector. The release aimed out that 429,000 job openings in Canada remained unfilled in the Q2 of 2019 in the private sector. Related to the Q2 of 2018, this number indicates an increase by 23000.

In the setting of the forthcoming federal election in Canada, CFIB has requested all political parties to take steps to resolve the labor shortage problem in the nation.

The median job vacancies rate in Canada has been 3.2% for the four successive quarters. Among the provinces of Canada, the most significant job vacancy rates were reported in Quebec and British Columbia, at 3.9%. Meanwhile, the number of unfilled openings in British Columbia was 74700 and in Quebec was 116000.

Ontario equaled the median rate of job openings in Canada at 3.2% while New Brunswick reported at a rate of 3.1%. The job vacancy rate in Manitoba province was 2.6% in the Q2 of 2019, which indicates 11,500 unfilled jobs. Prince Edward Island managed at a rate of 2.2%, which indicates a growth of 0.2% compared to the prior quarter. Newfoundland and Labrador also reported a rise in the job vacancy rate, which moved up to 2%.

However, the job vacancy rate in the province of Nova Scotia continued stable at 2.3%. The two provinces in Canada that observed a reduction in job vacancy rate are Alberta and Saskatchewan. The private sector job opening rate of Saskatchewan fell to 2.1% with 7400 vacant jobs, while that of Alberta fell to the lowest rate of job openings in Canada at 1.9%.

Industry-wise Job Vacancy Rates in Canada

  • Personal Services Industry- 4.9%
  • Construction Industry- 4.8%
  • Hospitality Sector- 3.7%
  • Agriculture, Professional Services, Enterprise Management, and Health Services- 3.4%
  • Information Technology Sector- 2.1%

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