Canada’s express entry – why it pays to have the right occupation

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Express entry was introduced by Canada in January 2015, to streamline the immigration process.  Since then, the current government has set to overhauling the whole process which is why the year end report on express entry assumes importance. The latest Express Entry report on the first 12 months on the immigration process to Canada provides a wide range of extremely useful information for those who have enrolled for it. Also, the data mentioned in the report covers the first 23 draws in 2015.

What is Express Entry?

Here the eligible applicants are required to submit a profile into the introduced pool of Express entry. Then their profiles are ranked according to the CRS score where the score is calculated based on their education, background, occupation etc. From here the government selects the topmost ranked applicants on a priority basis.

In 2015, the total number of invitations issued was around 31,063 to those who were looking to migrate to Canada. As per the report :

  •  A number of applicants have IT as a part of their occupation issued by the ITAs, whereas those who were working for the food and related services have also scored pretty well.
  •  A majority of applicants who were issued the ITAs were already residing in the country itself.
  •  There are also a huge number of candidates who were invited from all over the world especially from countries like China, UK, India, Philippines, and Ireland.

Primary Focus on occupation

The Government of Canada has stated that the new Express Entry system would make sure that Canada's economy and the labor market's requirements are met by all successful applicants. Also, when the Express Entry system was compared to the previous ones, the total intake of the work permit caps for certain occupations were done away with. There’s no doubt that the Express Entry is a flexible system, one which is more responsive to the requirements of the Canadian employers and other provinces.

The eligible candidates who get a qualifying job offer or a Provincial Nomination Certificate are reportedly issued ITAs by a draw from the pool, on the basis of the occupation of the candidate. You should also note that a valid job offer is not the only consideration when it comes to getting an ITA. Last year over 40% ITAs were issued to those who did not have a job offer or did not meet the bare requirements, for a valid one. Nevertheless, it has become apparent that the main focus of Express entry happens to the applicant’s profession and any valid job offers they may have received – for with a good job offer, the applicant may receive an ITA at the earliest.

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