Canada will require strong overseas tech workforce by 2019

Canada will require strong overseas tech workforce by 2019It is estimated that Canada’s technology sector will require a high workforce by the year 2019. Additionally, no Canadian citizen will be  available to fill these posts. Approximately  182,000 jobs in the tech industry would be  available for overseas immigrants. Donald Trump’s victory in the US as well as  Brexit policy of the UK will bring out Canada to be the ideal  destination for immigrants across the globe.

The preferences of international immigrants are becoming narrower according to the latest trends in the UK and US politics. Brexit referendum was clearly in favor of restricting the number of immigrants entering UK. International immigrants who were poised to move to the US, might consider Canada for work opportunities.

Canada has approximately 71,000 firms in the technology sector that account for six percent of jobs in Canada and contribute for more than seven percent of the nation’s economy. Undoubtedly Canada has huge requirement of workers. Firms in Canada at the present scenario are looking for hiring diverse workers. Skilled employees in the technology sector, sales sector and marketing sector of the top level managerial posts are in a great demand in the job sector, according to the HR Vice President Heather Galt at Communitech. He says that Canada is the preferable choice for immigrants when compared to the US as it has a comfortable environment, lesser commuting time and quality education system.

The government of Canada has introduced new policies to enable the smoother hiring of overseas talents by firms in Canada. The H1-B visa of the US requires six months for processing at present but now The Canadian government has planned to make the process of visa more easier and faster to the overseas immigrants. The picturesque environment in Canada along with the flourishing technology sector has now also attracted the attention of many international migrants which will help in flourishing the economy in Canada.

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