Canada Visa for highly-skilled foreign workers in constructionUnder a new proposal presented by Canada’s Building Trades Union (CBTU) to Federal parliamentary committee, more foreign nationals should be allowed to work in highly skilled construction jobs. The construction industry is currently experiencing a shortage in native citizens, which has paved the way for better job avenues in Canada. The parliamentary committee is at present reviewing the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).  To help the employer fill these vacancies, TFWP is taken into consideration to hire foreign nationals.

Canada lacks highly skilled construction workers and this gap is to be filled up. During the shutdown, outages and some peaks of construction activities the requirement of such workers are in high demand. This information is stated by operating officer Bob Blakeley.

Inviting the highly skilled workers

The outages may extend up to 42 days and may be extended beyond it. In general, Canada hires workers from USA or Ireland to overcome the lack of skilled employees in the construction sector. Only those people are hired who has higher skills, can undergo a lot of stress and aren’t afraid of dangerous tasks.

TFWP plays a vital role in maintaining the economy of the nation intact when there is a shortage of highly skilled employees for a temporary period.

TFWP is facing some challenges from local workers, brokers and employers fraud etc.

TFWP can be held as a training opportunity for Canadians

CBTU has recommended training programs for Canadian workers which will further increase the opportunity. It has been suggested to the employers to open up one apprenticeship program when there is an induction of foreign nationals through TFWP. If the company or employer fails to do so, then a penalty of $10,000 will be imposed.

The employers can be part of the transition in Canadian economy by opening a post for apprenticeship. By doing so,  the talent gap can be filled up effortlessly.

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