Canada Urged to Improve Employment Policy for Immigrants

Canada Urged to Improve Employment Policy for ImmigrantsA significant gap lies between immigrants' expertise and Canada's ability to make the best of such expertise according to reports in the country, with a focus on Ontario. Over the last fiscal year, the usual trend seen in reports published regarding employment inequity in Canada's labor market reveals a definite discrepancy when the expertise of immigrants and Canada's use of the expertise are placed side by side. Ontario, being immigrants most favored destination, which was the focus of the majority of these reports show that a significant part of Canada's underemployed groups is immigrant populations. It is obvious that the best decision the country, with the problem aging population, can make must be that which does not only help it maximize the expertise of immigrants but also help it does so immediately.

Policy Formulation

Many stakeholders and observers in the country have attributed the discrepancy seen to policy formulation issues and are therefore calling for policies that will help Canada do better in the use of immigrants’ expertise. A case at hand is Canadian Chamber of Commerce's study in 2016 which revealed cracks in the country's Express Entry System launched in 2014. The program was introduced to help better align skill sets and immigration as well as to help immigrants get employment as soon as they enter the country. But it was later found that “Canadians first” policy overtook “Canada first” strategy for immigration, according to the Chamber of Commerce. While it is wrong to say that only newcomers experience job difficulties in Canada, it is in the right perspective to say migrants are affected mainly by employment barriers. With Canada's plan to receive at least one million newcomers by 2021, the majority of whom will be to solve skill gaps and shortages, it becomes imperative to formulate policies that will better position Canada to make the best use of immigrants’ expertise. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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