Canada to Protect the Rights of Temporary Foreign WorkerIf reports are to be believed then Canada is all set to go the Manitoba way. According to this, now Canada would call up its provinces to protect the rights of temporary foreign workers. This would be a huge step in order to make changes in the foreign workers policies and lure foreign workforces.

The advisory group of The Canada West Foundation comprised by the pair of Robert Vineberg and Christopher Rastrick highlight the need of Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). There are certain rules and regulations which will cover this program. The major step would be prohibition of direct or indirect fees charging from foreign workers for the protection of the foreign workers.

It is also known that the same legislation was first passed in Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. They declared that other provinces should follow the same in order to support the reputable recruiter only. These rules would help the workers as now the false recruiter will be punished with fines and disqualification.

It is promised by TFWP that immediate abolition of the employer specific work permit will be done. All the migrant workers will be trained about the information related to wages, work, dispute, abuse reporting and other activities.

The furthermore addition explained that there are numerous issues that will be looked upon. It covers issues like employers overcharging for accommodation, overtime without pay, inadequate workplace training, mistreatment and many more. There are total 21 recommendations by the parliament committee which would help in reshaping TFWP.

Moreover, it is also said that those who would found to be not following the order would be charged with $100,000 per violation to a maximum of $1 million in one year period. In the most serious cases the employers will be closed permanently. These rules are also applied to the International Mobility Program (IMP).

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