Canada to post more parents & grandparents applicationsCanadian Government has decided to accept 10,000 applications for Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship starting from January 3, 2017. There are certain criteria decided in order to achieve this sponsorship. These criteria are listed as below:

  • The person would have to show his/her income is greater than the minimum income amount decided by IRCC for three consecutive years before the request for sponsorship is submitted.
  • An undertaking must be signed which ensures that the person will financially support the parents and grandparents. Apart from it, the person will also reimburse the government for any paid help, if any taken for 20 years from the day of permanent residence.

There are also certain criteria decided by the government to ensure that whether the person is meeting the income requirements or not. These criteria are listed as below

  • To show the income of three consecutive years before sponsorship, a person must have the official documents issued by Canada Revenue Agency.
  • If there is any co-signer involved in the proceeding of sponsorship application, then the combined income of both the signers will be considered.
  • There are certain amounts from different sources which will not be considered in the income of signer and co-signer for financial eligibility. These sources are as follows:
    1. Any allowances received through the provincial program of instruction or training.
    2. Any social assistance received from any province.
  • Financial Assistance gained by Government of Canada from any resettlement program.
  1. Financial aid received through the Employment Insurance Act, apart from any special benefits.
  2. Monthly income generated by Old Age Security Act in form of supplements.
  3. Revenue generated through Income Tax Act in form of child tax benefit.

The minimum amount of income required for the sponsorship of parents and grandparents must meet from the date of signing the application of sponsorship to the date of sponsored members become permanent residents of Canada.

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