Canada Research on First European Farmers

Posted on: 14 Feb 2018  |   Tags: student news , visas , World News ,

Canada boasts itself as the country of immigrants and now wants to track its first European farmers using brand new DNA technology. The international team that will be performing experiments and research also consists of students and Canadian scientists. They will be studying bodies of people who come to Canada from Europe more than thousand years ago. Damian Labuda, University of Montreal, said that most of these people are from Western and Northern Europe. Earlier, scientists had to guess the year range studying the tools and pottery pieces found along with the bodies, but the latest technology has ensured they can use human remains to find more about them. Labuda feels that culture spreads through biology. You learn how to make a pot from your neighbor, who is from a completely different culture and imbibe into your own. And latest DNA technology directly asks the body which era and country they come from. Farming was practiced in Europe as early as 5,600 BC in Spain and surrounding countries. Experts argue that was it because lived and learned things or was it immigration. These early farmers then went on to form Europe’s complex societies that still exist today. In 2,000 BC, mounted herdsmen reached Eurasia and settled there. And all these then came to Canada through see, but no one when was that exactly.

Shift in Europe

When the herdsmen came to Europe, along with it came the monarchy, use of metal, and stratification of the society. Even burial customs changed across the continent. Steppe migration resulted in bring Indo-European language into the continent. It is a lot more complicated than it looks like because to study the migrant farmers of Canada, the international team will have to first study about Europe and get the dates correct. Linguistics will also play an essential role in determining it.

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