Canada prepares itself for rush of immigrants from Mexico

Canada prepares itself for rush of immigrants from MexicoCanada is preparing to welcome the immigrants from Mexico. This is exactly at the same time when Donald Trump has announced to expel and eradicate illegal migrants. Additionally immigrants from Mexico do not require the visa to Canada from now on wards. The spokespersons for the Immigration Ministry of Canada said that there might be a possible increase in the number of immigrants from Mexico particularly. Most of them would be tourists and corporate travelers. The visa for immigrants from Mexico was implemented back in the year 2009 in order to look into the issue of fake asylum seekers. On the other side, the visa waiver comes at a time when Trump has declared to expel a large number of illegal immigrants from the US. This has caused tension to the immigration officials of Canada who predicted an increase in the numbers of the refugees from Mexico. The Canadian government introduced visa to eradicate and limit the number of asylum seekers. Resulting in reduction of the number of refugees to Canada from Mexico to approximately 120 in the year 2015. Thereafter Mexico exerted immense political pressure on Canada, requesting them to remove the visa requirement for Mexicans to Canada. The Canadian government had readily agreed to waive the visa in a condition for Mexico to increase its imports of beef from Canada. But at that time many would not have predicted the victory of Trump in the US presidential elections who had particularly declared to build a wall across the borders that US shared with Mexico. However, citizenship Minister and Immigration refugees of Canada have a different view on the matter. They say that visa waiver will help to strengthen ties between the two countries and encourage tourism. John McCallum said that Canada was obliged to welcome more nationals from Mexico and are prepared to facilitate the necessary requirements for the same.

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