Canada one of the top four nations for high-skilled immigrants

Canada one of the top four nations for high skill immigrantsWorld Bank report states that Canada has become one of the top four attractive destinations for high skill immigrants. However, the US continues to draw top-notch overseas immigrants, borne out by the fact that three-fourths of the immigrants are tech professionals in Silicone Valley. A research carried out by Christopher Parsons, William Kerr, Ça?lar Özden, and Sari Pekkala Kerr under the aegis of the World Bank indicated the immigration pattern of the previous five decades that took into account the total migrants the world over, and their origins and destinations. The research threw up some interesting facts, such as the US, Britain, Canada and Australia continue as top destinations for overseas immigrants; immigration trends have neither drastically increased, as feared by some section of people and political groups, nor decreased, but have remained unchanged for the last 50 years; well-educated and above average people migrate for better financial gains; the US attracts 40 percent of international immigrants and Britain, Canada and Australia together account for another 35 percent. The study foresees an extremely positive development for Canada, since a majority of high skill immigrants to the country possess funds and skills to boost its economic growth. The research specifically highlights an increase in high skill women migrating to greener pastures. A case in point is the year 2010 in which more high skill women migrated overseas, than men – a trend that has been witnessed for the first time. The maximum number of women, who migrated overseas, was from Asia and Africa and their preferred destinations were North America and Europe. The countries not left far behind the top four nations in attracting highly skilled immigrants are  Germany, France and Spain, who have left no stone unturned in appealing to the top skilled immigrants to move over. Whether their efforts are bearing fruits is yet to be seen. The future trends, as per the projection of the research, indicate a continued dominance of the top four nations over international immigration.    

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