Canada needs more than 100,000 ImmigrantsIt has been confirmed by the reports that Canada would have to accept extra 100,000 immigrants by 2030. By doing so, Canada would be able to get anywhere near sustaining current levels of economic growth. In order to cope up the aging population of Canada, these immigrants must be younger.

As per the database, Canada’s immigration levels have beaten the record highs with more than 320,000 immigrants welcomed in 12 months to June 2016. Mr. Matthew Stewart, the Associate Director at Conference Board, Canada has requested politicians to come up with some creative solutions to attract more immigrants.

The highlight of Conference Boards reports, population aged 65 or over is expected to increase from 16 to 24% in next 20 years. 407,000 immigrants by 2030 would boost Canada’s labor force and economic growth. However, the aging population of Canada still remains a problematic issue for the country.

The aging population would reflect in strain on health care facilities as well as fall of economic growth from average 2% to 1.6% by 2030. This, in turn, reflects upon the Government expense over health care which is likely to increase from 37% to 44% in next 20 to 30 years.

Moreover, Mr. John McCallum, Immigration Minister has also showed his concern over the gap caused by aging population of Canada. According to the McCallum Immigration Plan, young international graduates would be attracted to settle down in Canada as they are perfect permanent residents. Technologically advanced immigrant students would also be the major entity to focus on. Amendments in Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) will be a major focus too. The government also plans to bring the immediate family members faster to help retain the migrants in the country.

With the following plans, it is likely to boost up the immigrant's percentage in Canada up to the mark set by the government. The Canadian government has given the consent to Atlantic Canada to adopt nearly two thousand migrants by 2017.

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