Canada is Preferred Choice than US for Indian Students

Posted on: 29 Jan 2018  |   Tags: student news , visas , World News ,

You would’ve heard US companies opening offices in Canada because of easier work permit procedure, safer neighborhood, wonderful government, and lower cost of living. For all the same reasons, Indian students are choosing to study in Canada than in the US. Combine Trump’s anti-immigration attitude and Trudeau’s love for immigrant, and you’ll find the answer too. According to the US Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and Institute of International Education, New York, Indian students enrolling at American universities only increased by 1.3 percent from 2015 - 16 to 2016 - 17. Overall, there was a general decrease of seven percent of new students enrolling in the universities. Canada is making more sense to students in this scenario. It is a safer bet for students looking to settle in North America permanently. F1 visas issued to Indian students decreased by 16.4 percent in 2016 - 17. 52,845 study permits issued to Indian students in the year 2016. The number increased to 54,425 study permits in the year 2017. Even though there are 186,267 Indian students enrolled in US universities, which is much higher than the 100,000 in Canada, we expect the latter to take over soon. Education in Canada is at least 30 to 40 percent cheaper than in the US. Even the expenses are a lot lower. The US was a favorite choice as it gave the graduates the optional practical training. But with Trump’s views on H1B visa, students don’t want to take the unnecessary risk when they have a better option.

Canada’s way to fast-track permanent residency

Canada’s Express Entry program is a hit among skilled immigrants, especially those from India. Canadian employers are attracting professionals from STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) through the program. For international students in Canada, it is, even more, more comfortable, since they get jobs easily over there. Once they have a job, they can apply for the program, and they are through.

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