Canada immigration, policy changes you need to know about

Posted on: 02 Jul 2016  |   Tags: ,

6060743995_4637680212_m (2) The Canada express entry is all set to handle more applications from prospective immigrants all over the world.  As an applicant, it is your responsibility to provide all the required information and update the same, at the earliest as it can impact your CRS score. More than that, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the proposed changes to the immigration policy; some of these have already taken effect. The Grandfather clause: As of January this year, as a permanent resident you’re allowed to sponsor your parents and grandparents to come and stay with you in Canada permanently. While other nations, such as US, Australia do not allow you to sponsor your parents or grandparents, Canada understands what family is all about and has not barred any permanent resident from doing and have made this a permanent feature. In addition, the CIC has also increased the number of applications from five thousand to ten thousand per year, from applicants seeking to sponsor their parents and close family members. Faster processing: One of the most common complaints with regard to visa processing is the time it takes but with a huge deluge of applications being sent in, each year, it is no wonder that there is a lag between submission and processing times. However, with an increased budget this year, the Canadian government has promised faster processing of all applications, be it for a temporary visa or an application for permanent residency. The sibling effect: If you or your spouse has close relatives such as a sibling who are permanent residents in Canada, then you can get more points allotted to your profile, in the express entry. No more visa: Mexicans can now travel to Canada, without a visa, This was confirmed by the Canadian PM after a meeting with his Mexican counterpart earlier this year and this policy is set to come into effect from December, the first. Int’l students to find it easy to obtain permanent residency: While the government has not shared much information on this policy update yet, they have made it clear that one of the focuses of upcoming changes to Canadian immigration policy would be with regard to the Canadian experience class program. Free healthcare: The CIC has announced that all refugee and asylum seekers will regain access to free healthcare for the moment, since not providing the same would be in contravention of the UN human rights accord. A final decision in this regard would be announced later on, by the government. Immigration made easy: The current government has restored residency time credit for all international students there by making it easy for them to obtain permanent residency. In essence, students and temporary residents can now have the time spent already in Canada to be taken into account, when their applications for permanent residency are being processed. In addition, the current government has increased the age of dependent children from 19 to twenty two, thereby enabling residents to bringing their older children over.

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