Canada has High Number of Immigrants

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The skilled immigrant workforce in Canada has rapidly grown in the past decade. In a report released on November 29, 2017, it was stated that the immigrant population of Canada is 23.8 percent in 2016. 2016 Census showed that more than 50 percent of this population has a bachelor’s degree or higher education. Back in 2006, the immigrant population was 21.2 percent and has grown more than 2.5 percent in only ten years. Nearly half of these immigrants live in Toronto. Vancouver has the second largest immigrant population at 43.5 percent residents being immigrants. Calgary has the third largest immigrant population at 32.5 percent. The Express Entry system started in 2015 sends invitations to immigrants to apply for Canadian permanent residency. Canada has a median age of 41, which means the majority of its population is going to retire in the next ten years. The country needs skilled labor to replace these people, and the Express Entry system is one of the ways it brings skilled labor into the country. From its conception in 2015 until now, the Canadian government has invited over 145,368 people for taking Canada’s permanent residency. Canada is aiming to invite over one million skilled immigrants through this program in between 2018 to 2020, out of which 250,000 will be newcomers. There are some terms and conditions that the candidate needs to fulfill to be eligible for this program. Canada has High Number of Immigrants.

Job trends in Canada

Canadians are hired mostly for healthcare and social service jobs, with more than two million or 12.1 percent of them employed in the two sectors. Information technology and artificial intelligence are growing rapidly in the country. Since education is one of the major criteria for getting permanent residency in Canada, many international students complete bachelor’s or master’s there and start working. Women immigrants are more educated than male immigrants, having more number of bachelor’s or higher education.

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