Canada fourth preferred choice for skilled immigrants

Posted on: 23 Apr 2017  |   Tags: ,

temporary-resident-visa-in-canada According to a recently published report by The World Bank, it has been revealed that Canada is one of the first four countries in high demand by the skilled immigrants for residency. By observing and collecting immigration data from the last fifty years, the researchers have come to a conclusion to all these facts. In the report, USA remains the first priority for the foreign immigrants. The report published that the UK, the USA, Australia and Canada are the top four countries for the skilled immigrants from different corners of the world despite having potential threats of several laws, political issues, and other immigration policies. The report has also indicated that despite refugee movement in different portions of the globe, there are also a huge number of educated people who are migrating to other countries just for the purpose of earning more money. One of the researchers mentioned that a new pattern of immigration is emerging where people with high skills and education are moving from broad range countries to narrow range countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, etc. The World Bank’s report showed that the USA remains the primary destination for the highly skilled immigrants with having a 40% of total immigrants while the other top three countries have shared 35% immigrants in total and thus 75% of world’s skilled immigrants are now residing in these four countries. With recent changes in policy by Trump and May, the figures and percentage may change in the near future. The report also congratulated Canada for being in the top fourth position as it will help the country grow financially and economically by getting the help from these highly skilled immigrants. With increasing global competition, more skilled immigrants are playing a positive role in the development of economy of these countries. Moreover, for the first time, the total number of female immigrants has crossed the number of men and most of them are from African and Asian countries. Experts feel that the main reason for this hike isn’t determined yet, but it seems that the new generation female is more comfortable than their predecessors to go global and earn money. The research also stated that the other countries which are trying hard to attract more skilled immigrants are Spain, Germany, and France. The immigration pattern and moving race will remain unchanged as all the skilled, educated and talented people will search their ways for new countries where they likely to migrate.    

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