Canada Express entry programThe government of Quebec has declared that it will capitalize nearly 1.6 mn USD in a bid to boost the global scholars in Montreal to stay in the state even after graduation. This venture is named as ‘I Choose Montreal’ that is aimed at the vocational, college and university scholars situated in the Greater Montreal. This venture will fuse multiple events like workshops, undertakings for scholars, job fairs, and outreach. It is expected that the venture will render a draft for different associations along the length and breadth of Quebec to carry out projects to keep global students even after graduation.

The Government of Quebec has kicked off 2 online resources to the global scholars in Quebec in a bid to aid the scholars to learn the French language effortlessly. They have also started an online website aimed at global scholars and temporary occupants who aspire to dwell in Quebec for a longer time.

Kathleen Weil, immigration minister in Quebec stated that “This venture indicates that the Quebec  Government has agreed to boost its attempts to receive as many new global scholars as possible to dwell in Québec, principally in Greater Montréal. These scholars have a degree from Quebec, well-versed in French and are acquainted with the ethos and norms of the society. These scholars are the finest that Quebec can get hold of and we need them to dwell here so that the economy thrives. “

Global students who have secured a graduate degree from Quebec institutes are eligible to request for a Selection Certificate. This certificate can be then used to obtain a PR status from the federal government in Quebec.  They also render a Quebec Experience Class targeted at scholars who have either work experience or a diploma degree from Quebec. Qualified students can receive a CSQ in nearly twenty days through this venture.

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