Canada Eases Restrictions On Immigrants And Students Planning To Applying For Citizenship

Canada eases restrictions on immigrants and students planning to applying for citizenship

As per the latest Canada news and updates, it has been reported that the government of Canada is gearing up to reverse the most controversial bill, amending their Canadian Visa program and citizenship charter that were introduced earlier under the previous government. The program was initially led by Stephen Harper the hide bounded ex Prime Minister of Canada but now, the controversial bill post amendments and changes, will be passed into law, under the current liberal government.

The bill introduced is named as C-6. This bill is also considered as a masterpiece of the New Canadian Government and its latest legislative agenda. Whereas the Liberal bodies of the Canadian House Immigration Committee announced that the bill is expected to pass into the law during Canada Day which is July 1, 2016.  As for additional changes and amendments being introduced on this bill, it will depend on how the bill is received by the senators and the resulting debate on the same, before it is enacted into law by them.

It is expected that the legislation will also reduce the time a permanent resident needs to reside in Canada so as to become eligible in order to apply for the citizenship – this can be from 4 out of 6 years to 3 out of 5 years. This would allow the immigrants who spend time in Canada on the temporary resident status to calculate and meet the bare minimum that would be required, as by the new law so as to apply for citizenship. This proposal has been welcomed by immigrants, foreign workers and the students who are currently enrolled in international study programs who look forward to a longer stay in Canada.

Additionally, as per the Canada Visa news and Canada Visa Updates the government of Canada now has the right to seize all the documents that are utilized to get the citizenship via illegal methods or fraudulently.

Presently the Canada’s immigration authorities are moving towards the cancellation of citizenship of a number of people right after the auditor general made some unsavory comments where he claimed that the current government is not doing much to curtail fraud especially in those seeking to apply for citizenship. According to the reports there are certain instances of the people residing in Canada with some serious criminal records, yet managed to obtain Canadian citizenship using fake addresses.

The proposed changes in  the Citizenship Act

Below is the  list of all the  proposed amendments along with  how they will commute to the present Citizenship Act :

The Present  Act The Proposed Amendment
Here, the Officials can revoke the citizenship for some of the acts that are totally hostile to the national interest of Canada and its government. The mentioned grounds includes the  persuasion of terrorism, acts of treason towards the host country or  spying offenses along with the type of the sentence received or for the membership in any armed militia, lastly engaged in any  armed or illegal conflict with Canada. Revoke national interest grounds for revocation.
The applicants are required to have the intentions in terms of residing in Canada if they are granted the citizenship. Revoke the intent to reside provision.
The applicants must be physically present for 4 out of the 6 years before applying for the citizenship. The time for the presence has been reduced to 3 out of the 5 years before applying for the desired citizenship.
The total time spent in Canada temporarily will not be counted The Applicants may now calculate the days and time of their presence in the country as a temporary resident or as a sponsored person before applying for citizenship
All the applicants must be 14-64 of age Should also meet all the language requirements and must pass the knowledge test. The applicants must be of 18-54 of age and should meet all the language requirements along with clearing the knowledge test.
No visa authority is allowed to seize fraudulent documents when it comes to processing applications. Now, the authorities are allowed to seize all the documents provided to the authorities during the processing of the Citizenship act, if there is a reasonable ground to be believed that the application is fraudulent or it is being utilized fraudulently.

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