Canada Becomes the Ideal Destination for Immigrant Tech Workers

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Canada Becomes the Ideal Destination for Immigrant Tech Workers

The Global Talent Stream, launched by Canada to quicken the visa processing for foreign tech workers, has encouraged to boost tech worker immigration to the nation on a big scale. It has emerged tech workers from over the globe favoring Canada over the US as their preferred destination. Presently, the US IT companies are enthusiastic about establishing up offices in Canada to bring tech talents in the nation. Moreover, cities in Canada such as Montreal, Toronto, Waterloo, and Vancouver are fast turning into leading international tech hubs with specialization in Artificial Intelligence.

Factors that Favouring Canada Over USA

The parameters that bring tech firms to Canada are the availability of tech talents and more competitive salaries. Meanwhile, a tech worker in Toronto receives an average of CAD100,000, when coming to San Francisco, it is CAD 145,000. Similarly, the more stringent visa rules in the US are executing it difficult for IT firms to bring international IT talents to the nation. The details from the US Homeland Security Department shows that related to the prior year, the US announced 10% fewer H-1B visas within Oct 2017 and Sept 2018.

Canada also has a tremendous demand for global tech workers. As per the 2019 CBRE Scoring Tech Talent report, 80,100 technology jobs were produced in Toronto within 2013 and 2018, while the number of tech degrees announced through these years was 22,466. It implies there were 57,634 higher-tech jobs than tech graduates.

The Global Talent Stream, an independent program started by Canada for foreign skilled tech workers for quickening the visa processing, has dramatically decreased the visa appeal time for tech workers from a period of 10 months to only two weeks! Utilizing this program, 1000 tech firms in Canada happily hired 4,000 abroad workers by Jan 2019. Canada is suffering a huge lack of tech talents and the nation requires to fill approximately 200,000 jobs in the following three to four years.

Another significant factor that addresses foreign tech workers to prefer Canada over the US is the cheaper living cost. In summary, Canada is an excellent place for skilled international tech workers to live as they can hit the huge career possibilities that Canada offers.

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