Business visitors may need eTA in Canada

Posted on: 07 Apr 2016  |   Tags: business , business travel , canada , eTA , immigration , visas ,

Business Visitor Visa As of March 2016, eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization), where visa-exempt foreign nationals can fly or transit through Canada is required. Visa exempt foreign nationals Any foreign national who is not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident and one who does not normally need a visa to enter Canada is a Visa-exempt foreign national. If you are a national from a visa-required country then you need a Canadian temporary visa even if you hold a US visa. US citizens, Canadian citizens with dual citizenship and Canadian PR are not eligible for eTA. Speculations about migration are diverse and different. Since it is a tedious task, immigration consultants can make this task achievable along with a little research and work, on their part. Before you bring a business partner it is important to do a good background check, assets and liabilities, reputation and current legal status. It will help you to decide if your potential partner’s background will create any issues when you invite the proposed partner to Canada for business. There have been a lot of presumptions as well as changes in the procedures of immigration. Some visitors face distressing and unfavorable outcome despite utilizing the services of immigration consultants; which is why it is important to sort through various consultancies before choosing the right one. Though there are no separate applications for business visitors, they must apply for eTA or temporary visitor’s visa or multiple-entry visa, which may be issued as required or possible. eTA may be issued within minutes of applying Most visa applications are typically processed within a week of when the visa office receives them. But the visa applicant’s background, and other circumstances, including and not limited to legal infractions, may affect their admissibility to Canada. This also decides the duration it takes to process a visa application. This is why it makes sense to consult immigration consultants since they would be the right people to advise would-be immigrants or business visitors on all issues related to travel. They assist all individuals with credentials as well as legalities associated with the visit, including filling out the required paperwork for the visa. The immigration consultants cannot ensure you a visa since the assessment and approval largely depend on the legal authoritative body. Refused eTA or entry to Canada at the port Individuals planning to visit are usually unaware of the immigration process, and the immigration consultants can help to ensure the documentation is in order, and the immigration process is carried out according to the rules and regulations. The border services officer may need more information than that is already on the paper and the consultancy can help prep the individual to answer any questions that’s posted to them on entering Canada.

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